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👋 I’m a mobile developer living in Vancouver. Sometimes I work on personal projects, sometimes I go for runs, and sometimes I blog about things.

Looking ahead into 2022

Joseph Roque


Looking ahead into 2022

After taking a look back at 2021, I figured it would also be appropriate to consider 2022, and what I’d like to accomplish in this upcoming year. I have some loose goals, some personal challenges, and hopefully a fun year to look forward to.


Read 12 books

I’ve slowly been getting back into reading more over the past 2 years, culminating in reading 7 full books in 2021, sneaking one in on the final day of the year! So in 2022, I’ll aim to read one book a month, which still feels very achievable, despite, perhaps, the record not reflecting my ability to complete that many books in a year. But I’ve been accruing a hefty backlog of books, I’ve got the time to read them now, and I’d love to make it a focus this year to start working through them.

Run a sub-40:00 10K

I have been striving for a sub-40:00 10K for a couple years now. I would be remiss if I did not include it as another goal this year, as I continue to strive to drive my 10K time down. In 2020, I managed a 40:26 10K, but my training took a hit in 2021. I’ve started off strong this year, and hopefully I can achieve this in May, at the Toronto Marathon 10K.


January running streak

Starting the year off strong with a running streak is starting to become something I really look forward to! I thought this year’s challenge would be slightly easier, being in Vancouver and lacking snow, but I’m not in Vancouver, and even if it was, it’s covered in snow as well!

Dry January

I don’t have a particularly strained relationship with alcohol, though if we talk, you’d know I definitely don’t make it sound that way. However, I do spend too much money on it every month, and I sometimes use it as an excuse to avoid going on a run after work, by cracking a beer too early in the evening. Lacking this excuse will also, hopefully, help me out in maintaining my running streak.

One project a month

I spent most of 2016 and most of 2020 working on 2 different projects that eventually lead to… nothing! They’re polished projects, but they’re not very useful beyond that. It’s made me realize that I’ve got too many fun ideas to spend an entire year devoted to one. So I try to limit myself to really focusing on a project for no more than about a month. After that, I push myself to consider sunsetting it and starting something new, and more fun!

In 2021, this lead to me getting through about 6 different projects, and even “completing” (as much as any personal project can be completed) 4 of those!